Vital Care Presents

First Time in Gujarat
State of Art Mobile Critical Care Unit
Ambulance ICU on Wheel
Managed By Team of Anaesthesiologist
Emergency Service 24x7
Provide facility for all over India

icuonwheel vital care

Unique Fetures

Multipara Monitor
Ventilator Machine
Infusion Pump
CCTV Camera
Resucitation Equipment

icuonwheel vital care

Managed By

Service managed by the experienced team of Anaesthesiologist Ahmedabad, Gujarat

  • Dr Chetan Parmar
    Dr. Chetan Parmar
  • Dr Jayesh Patel
    Dr. Jayesh Patel
  • Dr Pankaj Sutariya
    Dr. Pankaj Sutariya
  • Dr Alpesh Gajjar
    Dr. Alpesh Gajjar
  • Dr Abhay Shah
    Dr. Abhay Shah

About US

Mobile Critical Care Unit means any motor vehicle specially designed or constructed, equipped and intended to be used for, and maintained or operated for, the transportation of sick, injured or critical persons in emergency medical situations.

As for ICU on Wheels, we are equipped with special features to facilitate faster and smoother transfer of critically ill patients between cities or hospitals.

The ambulance have invasive ventilator, non invasive ventilator (bi pap) support, infusion pump, suction machine, sophisticated multi-parameter monitor and defibrillator-cum-pacemaker. There is also adequate back-up supply of oxygen and power, which are important for safe transport of patients. These vehicles are fixed with wireless data transfer facility which can help doctors keep track of patients' condition from the hospital.

Provision of tele-medicine is the use of telecommunication and information technologies in order to provide healthcare from a distance. In the first phase, transmission of medical, imaging and heath informatics data from one site to another will be possible between the state's hospitals. We are well-equipped ambulances staffed by highly trained paramedics dispatched to emergency situations where patients require a higher level of care than a regular ambulance can provide.